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Winsite Large archive of Windows 3.x, 95 and NT programs and utilities. Papa WinSock-L Archive of Winsock programs and utilities. Walnut Creek The Walnut Creek CDROM on line. CICA Center for Innovative Computer Applications Oak Repository Freeware and shareware programs for MS-DOS, Windows 3.x and 95. SunSite Lots of UNIX stuff! SimTel Huge software repository of games, MS-DOS, Windows and OS/2 software. UK Winsock Archive Archive of Winsock programs and utilities, located in the U.K. NCSA The National Center for Supercomputer Applications VOLftp Video On Line arge Shareware and Freeware Archive FUNET Finnish Academic and Research Network FUNET

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Welcome to Bruno Ravera's Internet Search Page

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Magellan went online in mid-August, 1995 and instantly took a place as one of the premier resource directories on the Web. Although Magellan's collection is much smaller than Yahoo's, Magellan goes beyond Yahoo by offering both a star rating and a brief description of each site. Magellan's only failing is that it works far better for searching than browsing; users seeking the best results should take the time to master the search engine and run specific rather than general searches.

AltaVista is an automatically generated index to Web sites and Usenet news postings that ranks with the best search engines in speed, quality, and comprehensiveness. Searching is an either/or proposition: you can't search both newsgroups and Web sites with the same query. As with the other mega-huge indexes on the Web, users are advised to begin with highly specific search terms -- otherwise you'll find yourself browsing through hundreds of screens of search results. Alta Vista is hosted by Digital Equipment Corporation.

The search interface to Yahoo's enormous index to Web resources. Unless you want to get fancy, searching is as simple as typing in the keyword you're interested in and selecting the "Search" button. The best feature of Yahoo Search is the results page, which not only links you to the sites that matched your query, but also to the Yahoo subject areas where the sites were found.

A fast and friendly tool for searching the full-text of over a million Web pages and hundreds of Usenet newsgroups. A recent Web search for "michael jordan bulls basketball" returned a ranked set of annotated links to such gems as The Michael Jordan Page, Michael's Return, MICHAEL JORDAN'S PAGE, and the Chicago Bulls Home Page. Users can also browse Excite's database of over 60,000 Web site reviews.

The WebCrawler database is updated daily by the WebCrawler robot, a software program that gathers and indexes URLs as it crawls the Web. As of January 1997, the database contained somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 million separate entries. WebCrawler uses a PLS search engine that supports "natural language searching," meaning users can search in plain English without worrying about mastering complex search syntax.

A great database of Web pages, complimented by a Select directory of sites to browse (sound familiar?). In addition to the Web search, visitors can choose to search for newsgroups, e-mail addresses, Reuters news, company information, and Web FAQs. The only downside to InfoSeek is that search results can only be browsed in groups of 10 or 15 at a time.


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